Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Nass, Amit, Gross & Co. is a prominent law firm, well-renowned in the field of commercial law in Israel. The Firm includes over 110 attorneys, some of whom are CPAs, economists as well as veterans of the Ministry of Justice, Government Ministries and Tax Authorities.

Our Services

We are one of the largest and leading law firms in Israel. Our legal team is comprised of unique departments in the fields of taxation, real estate, insolvency and financial rehabilitation, litigation, hi-tech and venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, capital market and securities, labor law, immigration and relocation, third sector and non-profit organizations, and more. The Firm provides additional services in a wide range of legal-related disciplines, such as consulting to the orthodox-religious sector, a financial department that offers financial consulting services, accounting and management services as well as a banking and debt-collection department that specializes in representing banks and financial entities on matters of debt-collection and execution. Our Firm is regularly ranked in the various ranking directories as a prominent and leading firm in its areas of expertise.

Our Firm provides comprehensive legal services that cater to a wide range of clients. We represent corporations and officers from all sectors of industry, services, privately owned SMB companies and enterprises, public companies (that are traded on the Tel Aviv, London and NASDAQ stock exchanges), government companies, institutional entities, investment funds and venture capitals, banks and financial institutions and of course private individuals.

The firm is characterized by its ability to quickly form a legal team, with optimal know-how and essential professional expertise required to formulate winning strategies. We expect our attorneys to regard our clients’ interests as their top priority, to analyse and understand the opportunities and challenges facing them and to protect them against exposures and risks.

Joining forces allows us to quickly identify the vulnerable areas and leverage them towards a clear and winning quick result, while always focusing on providing innovative legal solutions for our clients.

Large Firm. Personal Attention

We believe in personal attention, therefore, every case - large or small, is managed by a team of attorneys that believes in providing the client with professional, creative and innovative service dedicated to the task at hand.

Why choose us? When you need -

  • Expertise, “out-of-the-box” thinking and professionalism
  • In-depth understanding of legal requirements and the provision of practical solutions
  • A direct and personal relationship throughout all phases of the legal proceeding up to the completion of the legal process to the client’s full satisfaction.

An International Firm

Our Firm has positioned itself as a leading international firm thanks to our cooperation with leading law firms in the USA, our branches in Israel (in the centre and Haifa), in Romania, Austria and Cyprus, and thanks to designated French, Russian, Chinese, German and Arabic speaking desks. 

We act on a daily basis towards assisting our clients in achieving a competitive advantage in the local markets in which they operate. Therefore, the fact that our Firm has attorneys who speak foreign languages and possess extensive international legal knowledge, enables us to employ a variety of arguments deriving from various disciplines, both in and outside Israel.

The Firm has formed a unique affiliation with several law firms situated in the USA, that specialize in the field of securities, formation and accompaniment of companies as well as in tax laws and civil litigation. This affiliation supports our clients in every aspect of their business and commercial activities in the USA, with the close accompaniment of top-tier attorneys, including American Hebrew speaking lawyers.

The Firm’s branches in Romania and Austria provide companies and businesspersons active in these countries with company formation services abroad, acquisition, sales and rentals of local real-estate, drawing up of agreements in the local language, work permits, estate executions, local litigation proceedings at various instances and obtaining local citizenship.

Our Firm’s branch in Cyprus is situated in the island’s capital, Nicosia, less than an hour flight from Israel. Through this branch, we are able to provide our clients with a wide range of legal and business services - from company formation, supplementary services such as trusts, management of a Board of Directors, accounting and international and Cyprian banking, as well as the execution of acquisition and combination transactions in various fields, in and outside Cyprus.

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Top C Business ConsultingTop C Business Consulting

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Third SectorThird Sector

Thirds sector legal consultancy and support: Amutot, endowments and PBCs (Public Benefit Companies) Our law firm provides consultancy and representation to NPOs, Amutot, PBCs, NGOs, and endowments. We cover all areas from the stage of incorporation to ongoing activities. Our firm also provides consultancy to NPOs and their managers in correctly fulfilling their roles and obligations as officers.

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Private ClientsPrivate Clients

Our Firm provides services to the Firm’s private clients and their families, based on in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of taxation, real-estate, intergenerational wealth transfer, trusts and estates. Our clients benefit from close personal attention and of course complete discretion.

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Pro BonoPro Bono

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Banking and Debt Collection Banking and Debt Collection

Our firm provides legal and debt collection services to private, public and commercial companies, local authorities, institutions, amutot, private clients and several banks. Our legal collection services include claims procedures, debt collection and collection enforcement.

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Our firm’s Litigation Department guides clients through a wide range of local and international business and private disputes.

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Real Estate and Urban RenewalReal Estate and Urban Renewal

The real estate desk handles a wide range of projects, including large-scale ones requiring complex handling: including long and complex planning processes and the representation of landowners vis-à-vis the planning and local authorities, escorting planning program approval, and land allocation processes, accompanying land distribution processes by way of partnership disassembly, consolidation and distribution plans etc

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Hi-Tech and VCHi-Tech and VC

Technological developments, opportunities and risks pose unique challenges before our clients. This is why we provide our clients with close support and consultancy on the full range of legal and commercial areas needed to safely navigate and grow their businesses.

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Capital Markets and SecuritiesCapital Markets and Securities

Recent years have been characterized by fluctuating financial markets resulting from constantly changing economic, political and regulatory conditions. Even in this complex reality, our firm continues to successfully provide ongoing professional support on IPOs and capital raising for public and private companies from a diversity of sectors, private investors, underwriters, investment funds, managements and boards of directors of companies operating in Israel and abroad.

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Our law firm has a Labor & Employment practice, offering vast experience in comprehensive consultancy to a wide range of Israeli and international clients, including hundreds of leading companies in the Israeli economy from every market sector, including of the restaurant and food sector, industry, hi-tech, real estate, hospitality and hotels, media and more.

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Immigration and RelocationImmigration and Relocation

Immigration Law is complex, unique and challenging. It is one of the most dynamic legal fields, often subject to changes in legislation, procedures, regulation, precedent rulings, petitions, as well as security-related or global events.

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Tax LawTax Law

The firm offers tax planning and consulting services to individuals and companies, as well as international tax planning, customized for each client.

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Corporate and M&ACorporate and M&A

DTKG&G’s Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions Department represents both purchasers and sellers in a large number of transactions in a wide range of fields (software, life sciences, technology, traditional economy, etc.), amongst which were some of the largest and most significant transactions in the Israeli marketplace.

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International LawInternational Law

Our firm is a leading international law firm with active branches in the EU, America and Africa with a business-to-business orientation, offering solutions related to conducting transactions with and outside Israel, supporting companies from all countries seeking to integrate into growth markets ..

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Insolvency and Financial RehabilitationInsolvency and Financial Rehabilitation

The department is headed by the lawyer and accountant, Dr. Shlomo Ness, who has the leading role in Israel in insolvency, rehabilitation, and corporate recovery procedures, and who has accompanied Israel's largest rehabilitation, disassembly, and receivership cases in recent decades.

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Ultra-Orthodox SectorUltra-Orthodox Sector

The Ultra-Orthodox sector and the various businesses and organizations that are considered as part of it constitutes a legal sector of unique conduct and characteristics. Our firm specializes in providing legal services specifically suited to this sector.

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