The Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Ness, Amit Gross & Co. Law Office is one of the largest and leading firms in Israel in taxation, real estate, insolvency and economic rehabilitation, civil litigation, the capital market, high-tech, labor laws and immigration laws, etc. Our firm usually ranks as a prominent leader in its expertise domains.
Since its establishment in 1997 the firm has maintained its excellence, professionalism, and human capital thanks to its staff of more than 100 attorneys, including 20 partners and senior lawyers. The firm's staff includes outstanding economists and accountants, some of them veterans of the Department of Justice, government investigating entities and other governmental bureaus. Their experience in representing investigative entities gives our attorneys an advantage in building a case, an investigation, in conducting procedures before opening an "open war", conducting a "covert investigation", gathering information before the procedure begins, etc. The firm consists of a number of dedicated departments, with each department comprised of attorneys and experts specializing in the department's field of expertise. This state of affairs allows us to establish in every case that comes to our care a select team of lawyers and experts, who are well versed in the relevant legal spectrum. Combining forces allow us to identify any claim in favor of formulating a winning legal strategy. The team will quickly identify the soft belly and leverage the above for a quick, sharp, and winning solutions for our clients.
The firm represents a wide range of clients, including businessmen, small, medium, and large companies from all areas of industry and services, as well as companies traded on the Tel Aviv, London, and Nasdaq Stock Exchanges, small and large private companies, public companies, international corporations etc. The firm also provides its services to banks, local authorities, government offices and other public entities. A specialized team of experts is assembled to handle each case, depending on the case profile, with the experience of our team of lawyers maximizing the outcome and service. Over the years, our firm has become known for our determination to fight for our clients on every possible front, and registered many successes and legal precedents in our areas of expertise. Thanks to a team of senior professionals, our clients receive the best service in Israel and abroad. Over our years of operation, our firm has created and established a unique legal platform, operating as a well-oiled and sophisticated "war machine", consisting of a group of specialized legal departments providing our clients, small and large, with a professional, reliable, and creative legal responses under one roof. We think outside the box and base our arguments on diverse legal disciplines, combining to form a penetrating and winning legal argument.
We believe in a personal and intimate attitude, so every case, small and large, is managed by a senior team of lawyers. The firm focuses on providing a quality, professional and dedicated response to our clientele, both small and large, private and public, while applying the legal, economic, and accounting expertise of our legal team in an uncompromising manner. The firm advocates providing services, while adhering to creative thinking, diligence, and to the task until the completion of the legal handling to the customer's satisfaction. The firm's staff will do everything required to maintain the client's interest in a firm and strong manner, transparently and in a manner consistent with the limitations of the law. In each case, the whole office team operates as one combat unit, each one in his/her field of proficiency and occupation, and together they jointly promote a legal path, dynamic and decisive, fast and deadly, focused on the client's purpose and interest!
International Activities
The firm has extensive international operations spread over 4 continents. In Israel, our office operates through two branches: Haifa and Central, and in 2007, our activities were expanded beyond the borders of the country as a branch was opened in Bucharest, Romania, followed by the Nicosia branch in Cyprus. The firm has established its position as a leading international firm thanks to our collaboration with the United States Law Firm (SRF Law Office in New York), and to its branches in Romania and Cyprus, as well as the additional desks designed to assist operations in other regions of the world, and speakers of foreign languages ​​(Arabic, Russian, Amharic, German and French).
The fact that our office has many foreign-language speaker lawyers, possessing extensive legal and international knowledge, allows us to offer a variety of arguments from different disciplines both in Israel and abroad. The firm is characterized by the ability to quickly establish a team of jurists enjoying the optimal knowledge and professionalism necessary to formulate a winning strategy. The team of attorneys helps our clients to set up international companies for Israeli and foreign clients seeking to operate outside the borders of the State of Israel.
Cooperation with International Law Firms
We established an affiliation with the Sichenzia Ross Ference (SRF) Law Firm in New York. SRF is an American law firm of 60 lawyers, dealing in securities, corporate formation, corporate guidance, as well as tax and civil litigation in the United States. The said collaboration enables the firm's clients to have immediate access to all of their business and commercial activities in the United States, with close supervision of first-rate lawyers, including Hebrew speaking American lawyers.
Our Branches Abroad
Romania: For more than a decade, our firm has been operating a commercial-real estate branch in Romania and has been responding to the many Israeli entrepreneurs operating in the country in many diverse commercial areas, including litigation before various courts, and gaining Romanian citizenship.
Cyprus: Our firm has expanded its operations in Cyprus with the establishment of the Cyprus branch. The offices are located in the island's capital, Nicosia, less than an hour's flight from Israel, and provide our clients with a range of legal and business services, starting with the establishment of a company, including providing related services such as escrow services, board of directors, management accounting, and international and Cypriot banking, as well conducting acquisition and combination transactions in many areas, in and out of Cyprus.

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The litigation department of the DTKG&G Law firm has extensive experience in representing clients in a variety of court, arbitration, and mediation proceedings.

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Real Estate LawReal Estate Law

The real estate desk handles a wide range of projects, including large-scale ones requiring complex handling: including long and complex planning processes and the representation of landowners vis-à-vis the planning and local authorities, escorting planning program approval, and land allocation processes, accompanying land distribution processes by way of partnership disassembly, consolidation and distribution plans etc

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Start-ups and High-Tech CompaniesStart-ups and High-Tech Companies

DTKG&G’s High-Tech Department supports and represents diverse high-tech and biotech clients, including a long list of Israeli and international start-ups, NASDAQ-listed tech companies, as well as private equity and venture capital funds, both Israeli and foreign.

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Capital MarketsCapital Markets

DTKG&G’s Capital Markets Department is lauded as a leading department in Israel in its field and is regularly ranked by Israeli and international ranking agencies as one of the leading departments in Israel. The department regularly advises IPOs and capital raising on the Israeli and international capital markets, for a wide range of clients, including large companies (both public and private) from diverse sectors, and young growth companies.

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Employment LawEmployment Law

The Employment Law Department of Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Ness, Amit, Gross & Co., represents many clients in a variety of sectors.

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Relocation of Foreign Workers to IsraelRelocation of Foreign Workers to Israel

DTKG&G’s Immigration Law Department provides legal advice and support in three key aspects – immigration, foreign workers, and relocation. We provide legal services to companies that employ foreign workers, or companies that need legal assistance in the relocation processes of overseas experts to Israel.

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Tax LawTax Law

in civil taxation, international tax, criminal tax, municipal tax etc. The department is ranked in the ranking guides and is known for its reputation and in depth occupation in these fields both in Israel and abroad.

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Company and Mergers & Acquisitions AttorneysCompany and Mergers & Acquisitions Attorneys

DTKG&G’s Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions Department represents both purchasers and sellers in a large number of transactions in a wide range of fields (software, life sciences, technology, traditional economy, etc.), amongst which were some of the largest and most significant transactions in the Israeli marketplace.

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International operationsInternational operations

Our firm is a leading international law firm with active branches in the EU, America and Africa with a business-to-business orientation, offering solutions related to conducting transactions with and outside Israel, supporting companies from all countries seeking to integrate into growth markets ..

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Insolvency and economic rehabilitationInsolvency and economic rehabilitation

The department is headed by the lawyer and accountant, Dr. Shlomo Ness, who has the leading role in Israel in insolvency, rehabilitation, and corporate recovery procedures, and who has accompanied Israel's largest rehabilitation, disassembly, and receivership cases in recent decades.

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The Ultra-Orthodox SectorThe Ultra-Orthodox Sector

The ultra-Orthodox sector constitutes a significant market player, which is aware of its power, and demands appropriate solutions tailored to its unique needs. Dr. Shlomo Ness (Adv. & CPA) and Adv. Zvia Schiff have been working for several decades to promote the needs of the sector, in various areas, including not-for-profit organisations, housing, consumerism, and entrepreneurship...

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