DTKG&G’s Capital Markets Department is lauded as a leading department in Israel in its field and is regularly ranked by Israeli and international ranking agencies as one of the leading departments in Israel. The department regularly advises IPOs and capital raising on the Israeli and international capital markets, for a wide range of clients, including large companies (both public and private) from diverse sectors, and young growth companies.
The department’s lawyers comprise the best experts in the field, representing leading issuers and underwriters in Israel, the US, and Europe, with an overseas focus on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, NYSE Main List, as well as AIM in London, TSX Canada, and the ASX Stock Exchange in Australia. The department works in full cooperation with regulatory bodies in Israel and overseas, including the Israel Securities Authority, the Israeli Stock Exchange, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and the FSA in London. Our lawyers excel in addressing complex issues in corporate and securities law, and thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field, we provide clients with optimal solutions for any and all issues. We provide our clients with professional opinions in many diverse areas, such as mergers and acquisitions, related-party transactions, corporate governance issues (including internal securities enforcement plans, and senior executive compensation policies), insider information issues, and many other topics. In addition, the department’s attorneys handle various types of debt raising, and advise the client on the legal aspects involved in those issues. Thanks to the high level of ongoing involvement that the department has in this field, close working relationships have been established with underwriters, commercial banks, and investment banks operating in Israel and overseas, all of which are available to our clients when necessary.
Our unique cooperation with the US law firm creates and strengthens the international presence of our firm’s capital market department, and constitutes significant added value for Israeli companies issuing in the US.
Services Provided by the Capital Markets Department:
Initial public offerings and other issues on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, US stock exchanges, as well as the London Stock Exchanges and the TSX Stock Exchange in Canada.
Raising capital in public and private offerings.
Tender offers and removing companies from trading.
Legal support for corporations that report in Israel and/or overseas.
Legal support for dual-corporations which report overseas and in Israel.
Legal support on all aspects of corporate governance.
Legal support and advice to officers in corporations reporting in Israel and/or overseas.
Due diligence for institutional investors and underwriters in Israel and overseas.
The prestigious Israeli ranking guide BDI Code 2018 ranked our firm’s Capital Markets Department as a leading department for 2018.

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