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Conform legislatiei din Romania, casatoria se poate desface prin divort in urmatoarele cazuri:

Studio Located in Bucharest 7 Dr. Minovici St., 1st district.

Studio Located in Bucharest 7 Dr. Minovici St., 1st district. The studio is located in the area of Baneasa Railway Station, right opposite to Herastrau park in a very quiet area. It is made up of 1 room + kitchen.

2 room apartment

2 room apartment (1 bed room and 1 living room) located in Bucharest, 129 Turda St, block 139, 10th floor, 1st district. The apartment is located in a good area of Bucharest, in its north-eastern part, close to Herastrau park (15 minutes walk), to Piata Victoriei(20 minutes walk).


According to the Romanian law, marriage can be terminated by divorce in the following cases

Reduced VAT rate of 5% - a solution to encourage the sale and purchasing of new homes in Romania

According to the Emergency Ordinance 200/2008 issued by the Romanian Government, the individuals (unmarried or family) may benefit of a reduced rate of VAT of 5% on the purchase of a single home in such conditions regarding the tax, only if they cumulatively meet the following conditions


Acording to the Romanian law,and respectively to the Romanian Fiscal Code, as it completed with other laws, an individual is subject to the following taxes


If the lease is intermediated by a real estate agency, the tenant shall negotiate with the agency a fixed fee, not a percentage of the rent price, because in the latter case the agency will be rather interested in receiving a higher fee than in presenting him a convenient offer


According to the dispositions of the Constitution of Romania, regarding the relation between the international legislation and the internal (national) law, the Romanian state undertakes to fulfill exactly and in good faith, the obligations deriving from the international treaties it is party to.


The dissolution of marriage through divorce is a legal means by which the marriage is ended according to the decision of the court of law, when due to certain serious reasons, the relationship of the spouses is seriously impaired and it is no longer possible to continue the marriage.


The pensions ( better said compensation) to which the present article refers, are given by the Romanian State to people who are, in our case, Israelis but also Romanian citizen – this latter fact being proved by the Romanian valid passport.

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