Our Firm provides services to the Firm’s private clients and their families, based on in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of taxation, real-estate, intergenerational wealth transfer, trusts and estates. Our clients benefit from close personal attention and of course complete discretion.
Legal consulting to private clients and families with large-scale capital is a highly sensitive and complex process, that requires in-depth acquaintance with their needs related to family capital structural planning. The attorneys at our firm specialize in the field of family wealth management, intergenerational wealth transfer, drawing up family covenants and agreements, drawing up prenuptial agreements, writing of wills, establishing trusts, managing and executing estates. As part of these services, we accompany our clients also with tax planning and when necessary, on litigation proceedings and resolution of disputes.
Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
The transfer of assets from the parents’ generation to the children and grandchildren is a complex process in the proprietary and taxation aspect, and naturally in respect to the current and future personal relationships within the family, particularly when it concerns the transfer of yielding assets, businesses, active companies, etc. Drawing up a will may provide a solution in cases where the estate does not include complex assets or when the bequeather wishes to bring about quick realization of the assets and division of the monetary return between the heirs. However, there are many situations in which a will on its own cannot provide the best solution in terms of the tax liability that would be imposed upon realization and division of the estate’s assets.
In order to prevent future disputes between the heirs and to minimize the tax liability, an appropriate professional guideline should be structured for the inter-generational transfer of wealth. We specialize in individually customized planning of the family’s holdings structure and its transfer to the offsprings, while protecting the assets and drawing up familial agreements and covenants. In order to ensure that the process is performed in the optimal manner for every family, we also accompany our clients through a meticulous tax planning process.
Planning and Managing Trusts
Trusts constitute an excellent solution in the planning of inter-generational wealth transfer and for minimizing tax liability. Therefore, we provide our clients with supplementary services of establishing, managing and holding of assets in trust, that include property, real estate, securities, deposits and bank accounts.
Estate Execution
The Firm’s clients turn to us for assistance in all matters pertaining to the execution and realization of various sized estates, that include appointments as estate executors, probation order or inheritance procedures, locating assets and properties, realizing estates and division of assets, and when necessary, representation during legal proceedings before various instances in cases of disputes or objections.
Our Firm assists every client through careful planning the manner of management of assets after their passing and commits to providing the best customized solution for them and the family, in the economical, tax and of course the family-level aspects.

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Enduring Power of Attorney Lawyer

Attorneys at our firm have undergone specific training and were certified by the Ministry of Justice to draw up EPAs (Enduring Power of Attorney). The attorneys are registered in the Administrator General’s designated database. Our lawyers will guide you through the process, and provide full legal consultancy relevant to your specific circumstances.

Wills & Estates Lawyer

Our firm has a team of attorneys holding with experience in wills and inheritances. They specialize in drafting wills, requests to uphold wills, objections to wills, protection of wills, or cancellations of wills, as well as proceedings before the Registrar of Inheritances and the various courts and legal instances.

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