Our firm represents a wide range of clients in civil and commercial litigation, arbitration, and mediation proceedings.
The firm handles complex litigation cases in a wide variety of areas, including commercial and contractual lawsuits, monetary and administrative lawsuits, class actions, D&O liability, capital markets and securities, antitrust, employment, IP, public tenders, banking and collection, real estate, family law, inheritance and wills, defamation, torts and more. 
Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in accompanying various regulatory proceedings.
We leverage our familiarity and understanding of foreign legal ecosystems to conduct international litigation cases against entities operating outside the state of Israel, in a manner that results in the lawsuit being conducted in Israel even if the ruling must be enforced in the foreign country.
The Department’s Staff
The department comprises lawyers, economists, accountants, and former government authorities’ experts with cumulative knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Working together to provide a comprehensive solution, the department is able to reach an optimal solution for each and every client.
Our firm’s interdisciplinary team work, based on integrative work between  our various departments, enables us to weigh every possible option, and provide our clients an important advantage when handling the legal dispute and allows us to protect the client against possible risks. For example: the department’s staff collaborates with our Insolvency and Financial Rehabilitation department in the representation of companies and/or creditors and other involved parties in insolvency proceedings, as well as representing and providing close legal support to directors or companies in proceedings and claims related to the boards of directors.
The Litigation Department consistently maintains a broad perspective and weighs the diversity of business, commercial, image, cash flow, family and other considerations as we guide clients and navigate the legal process to ensure that the outcomes address the client’s overall interests and strive towards the optimal solutions in the shortest time frame.
Comprehensive Legal Support and Consultancy
Our Litigation Department is highly aware of the fact that conducting legal proceedings before various courts and legal instances required specific expertise and focus on the type of dispute, the type of court, the nature of the arguments presented, the identity of client and the other party, etc. To that effect, we accompany our clients even in the early stages prior to the onset of the  legal proceedings, with the aim of structuring a beneficial legal strategy towards managing the dispute.
This is followed up with appropriate actions and proceedings in courts, the various instances and tribunals, including the Supreme Court, State authorities, as well as arbitration and mediation institutions.  However, we are able to jump into the legal process at every phase and every point in time to the benefit of our clients.
Our clients
Our firm represents Israeli and international commercial companies and corporations, as well as private clients, business people, and officers.
We have represented a wide array of organizations and companies, institutions and municipalities, multinational organizations, and public and private Israeli companies. Among the clients listed below are some for whom we provide ongoing retainer-based legal services whereas others have been represented on an as-needed basis: Osem; Fishman Chain stores; Gazit Globe Group; Semitool; Netvision; Tyco (Healthcare); Pelephone; Aura Investments; Adamah Group; Dunietz Bros.; Karpis Group; Hatzlachat Yehezkel; Israel Construction Center; Epstein & Sons International; Gaon Real Estate; Yehezkel Morad; Rahmani Group; Oshfir Ltd.; Aviad Group; C.I.E.T. Carmel and more.

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Proffesional Info

Legal Guidance for American Businesses and Returning Israelis

For the Israeli citizen thinking of returning to Israel, or the American businessman or businesswoman contemplating expanding their scope to include doing business in Israel, the process is both rewarding - and very challenging.

Suing in the United States as a Non - U.S. Resident

Filing a lawsuit is not something that should be undertaken lightly. Sometimes, however, it is the only way to vindicate legal rights. While the U.S. legal system is among the most developed in the world, enforcing those rights are not necessarily a simple matter.

Represent Israelis in sue cases in the U.S

Being named in a lawsuit can be an unexpected and unsettling experience. Regardless of the type of litigation, the merits of the lawsuit, or prospects of prompt resolution, once a lawsuit has been filed certain procedural obligations must be met.

Represent israelis in inheritance cases in the U.S

Modern families often have members living in different countries. Indeed, many Israelis have family living in the United States. Invariably, as generations pass on, their estates are left to family members, some of whom may not reside in the same country.

An earthquake in the field of insurance – a message for insurants A precedential ruling has taken place: an insurance company will pay compensation of

A precedential ruling in the case involving “Hadar Insurance Company V. Ahad Ha’Am Food and Beverages and others”, written by Supreme Court Judges Rivlin, Danziger and Solberg, determined that in a case a company is bankrupt following a delay of insurance compensation payments by the insurance company, the insurance company will pay additional compensation to the bankrupt insurant.

Arbitration Clause "Survives" Void Contract

The plaintiff - Tyco Building Services Pte Ltd ("Tyco") is a Singapore company, which markets electronic security equipment.

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