The litigation department of the DTKG&G Law firm has extensive experience in representing clients in a variety of court, arbitration, and mediation proceedings.
The department consists of lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, economists, some of them veterans of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Economy, who have extensive experience in conducting smart and sophisticated legal battles, while examining and handling controversy in both the pure legal as well as the economic and accounting fields etc. The department handles litigation cases in a wide range of fields, including: commercial and contractual claims, administrative petitions, High Court petitions, class actions, representation of stock holders and partners in controlling and management disputes in companies and partnerships, derivative claims, functionaries' liabilities, contractors' claims, contractual litigation, Banking and Securities Law, Labor Law, Torts, Intellectual Property, Environmental Claims.
The department works with other professional departments in the firm in various fields, including representation and support of companies and / or creditors in various insolvency proceedings led by the partner Dr. Shlomo Ness (Adv. And CPA), among the leaders in the field in Israel, as well as representation and guidance of directors or companies in proceedings and claims regarding the Board of Directors of the Company. In this context, the firm represented in some of the largest and most complicated insolvency proceedings in Israel. For example: directors' claim lawsuits in Feuchtwanger Investments (Peled Givoni Group), lawsuits against the State of Israel in Agrexco. The department consists of the best litigators in Israel, who have extensive experience in managing complex legal battles, representing our clients for many years effectively and at the highest professional level. In order to maximize the service and the result for the client, the department's team consists of lawyers, economists, CPAs, and veterans of the state authorities, who are knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields, and work together to produce a complete, inclusive and optimal solution for the client. Specific expertise of each of the experts in the department coupled with disciplinary, professional, and skilled teamwork allows us to turn every stone and stone until a solution is found and the "smoking gun," on the way to prove the desired claim.
The department also specializes in conducting lawsuits against entities operating outside Israel in a manner that, in accordance with the law of the State of Israel, the claim against them will be prosecuted in Israel, even if the judgment is to be enforced in foreign countries where the foreign entities are operating. The department also takes a broad look at the customer's good, taking into account the full range of business, commercial, image, flow, family and other considerations and, in accordance with all considerations, guide and navigate the process in a manner consistent with the client's overall interests.
The litigation department is aware that conducting legal proceedings before various courts and courts requires specific expertise focusing on the type of dispute, the type of court, the nature of the arguments raised, the client's identity, the other party etc. To this end, the department is working from the initial stage of submitting the case to build a winning legal strategy based on a multi-system brainstorming of all personnel operating in the department, in collaboration with the other departments. In the later stages of conducting the claim, the department works by utilizing the experience of its lawyers and economists for an informed, thorough and professional planning of the interrogation of witnesses and experts in the process. Our goal is to reach a situation in which, at the end of the day, the court will be presented with a factual infrastructure that aligns with the strategy and arguments which were initially argued before the court and with the law applicable in the State of Israel.
The firm clients
The department's clients come from many sectors, including institutional clients, high-tech companies, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, food, contractors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, private clients etc.
The firm's client list includes a wide range of entities and companies, institutional entities and municipal authorities (the municipalities of Ramat Gan, Tiberias, Nazareth, Acre); Multinational companies, and Israeli public and private companies, including, among others, the following clients, some of whom are represented by the firm on a regular basis and others needed on a casual basis: Ossem; Fishman Networks; Gazit Globe Group; Semitool; NetVision; Tyco (Healthcare); Pele-Phone; Aura Investments; "Adama" group; Donitz brothers; The Carpis Group; "Yeheakel's Success"; The Israeli Construction Center; A. Epstein; Gaon Real estate; Yehezkel Mourad; Rahmani group; Oshfir Ltd.; Aviad group; C.I.E.T. CARMEL etc.

Let our expert and experienced attorneys represent you faithfully - with complete discretion.

For initial advice, more details and any questions, contact us now: Center Branch 03-6109100, Haifa Branch 04-8147500

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