Our firm specializes in advising boards of directors and management on merger and acquisition transactions, while forming innovative and creative frameworks to facilitate their execution. From the creation of the transaction structure to its financing, we provide comprehensive legal advice, focusing on taxation, antitrust, capital markets, intellectual property, regulation, and labor law.


The purchase or sale of an activity (shares or assets), mergers and/or the formation of strategic partnerships, are complex and complicated stages in the life span of any company. Therefore, we provide our clients with ongoing accompaniment on transactions of mergers and acquisitions, purchase offers, splits, joint ventures, takeovers or structural and reorganization changes, while providing creative advice for the best suited formulation of a transaction structure for the client.


Our clients include leading Israeli and international companies, private and public, to which we provide legal counsel at all stages of the transaction, supported by knowledge of the local market, from the stage of due diligence up to the transaction completion, through contending with business, regulatory and taxation considerations. Moreover, we work closely with the capital market, taxation, employment and litigations departments to cover the entire spectrum of legal advice and ensure high level service.


The company services include, among others: preparing transaction documents, conducting negotiation, performing due diligence and/or preparing disclosure documents, preparing the necessary documents for the approval by the shareholders assembly, accompanying the board of directors and management members on topics of corporate governance, employee remuneration, tax planning and intellectual property.  We also handle any other matters required to complete the transaction, including obtaining permits and licenses from regulatory authorities, taxation and debt raising agreements, reporting to the Stock Exchange or the Securities Authority, as well as planning and accompaniment concerning integration plans following the merger’s completion.


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Our firm advises and provides ongoing legal support for companies and corporations, officers and shareholders, on all legal and commercial issues relating to the company’s activities, from the stage of incorporation and throughout the company’s lifecycle and growth.

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Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Ness, Amit, Gross & Co. is a leading law firm in the field of commercial law in Israel. Our offices, located in two branches in Israel’s centre and in Haifa, are staffed by more than 110 lawyers, including accountants, economists, and veteran professionals from the Ministry of Justice, government authorities, and the Tax Authority. We are the largest law firm in Haifa and northern Israel.

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