Our Firm has extensive experience in accompanying real estate projects and transactions in Israel and abroad, as well as large-scale projects in the field of residential, commercial, employment and hotel projects. Due to the complexity of the real estate sector, we adhere to strict personal accompaniment by our partners throughout all stages of the project.
Our Firm has a large real estate department headed by attorney Yaron Tikotzky. The Department provides comprehensive and professional legal counsel to a wide range of real estate companies, of the largest in Israel, to investors, developers, contractors, purchase groups, real estate funds and local municipalities. As part of these services, legal advice is provided throughout the duration of the project from the planning phase, financing, construction, marketing and until registration of the project and obtaining all the certifications and permits. This applies to sales, acquisition, leasing, designation changes and combination transactions.
We accompany and advise at all significant milestones of the project, as well as providing ongoing tax consulting throughout the stages of the transaction. We consult on matters of betterment tax, purchase tax, municipal taxation, building and betterment levies, and accompany throughout the reservations and appeals processes before the Tax Authorities.
Our Firm handles a wide range of large-scale projects that face complex challenges, including planning and licensing, representation of land owners before the various Planning Committees and Local Authorities, financing, land betterment, accompanying land allocation processes by way of partnership dissolution, consolidation and division plans, etc.
We provide legal advice to developers and entities as part of real estate transactions abroad and assist them in the processes of locating assets and acquiring rights, planning the transaction and tax structure, the development, construction and marketing. We are assisted in this by our branches abroad and by local law offices with which we cooperate.
Our Firm accompanies a wide range of projects in the field of urban renewal – “vacating and constructing” and “NOP 38” (reinforcement, expansion, vacating and construction). In some projects we represent the developers and on others the tenants (apartment owners). We provide our clients with full legal coverage starting from the planning phase, conducting negotiations, planning and financing procedures with banks or financial entities, locating relevant professional consultants and drawing up contracts, legal advice to obtain building permits, provision of guarantees up to the apartment delivery and registration of rights phase. We accompany projects all over the country, from Nahariya and the Kerayot in the north, through Haifa, Hadera, Herzliya, Raanana, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba, Petach Tikwa, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Tel Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Holon, Bat-Yam, Rehovot and Lod, and ending with Kiryat Gat, Beer Sheba and Eilat in the south.
Our real estate and urban renewal department clients include: the Nitsba Group, Electra Construction, “Hazlahat Ezekiel”, Dunietz Brothers, Chen & Itay Gindi, Canaan Group, Orchid Hotels Chain, Waldorf Astoria, and others.​

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Investiții imobiliare în România - cum să o faci corect

Mulți israelienii au ales să facă tranzacții imobiliare în România în scop investițional, datorită oportunităților oferit de preturi si de randamentul ridicat al proprietăților și terenurilor. Piața imobiliară din România permite investiții în imobiliare comerciale, imobile rezidențiale, terenuri și hoteluri.

Real Estate in Israel

Assisting Foreign Residents Seeking to Locate, Purchase and Rent Real Estate in Israel

Purchasing Property in the United States as an Israeli Citizen

Every year, thousands of foreign nationals purchase property in the United States where dynamic real-estate markets present tremendous financial opportunities for buyers at all financial levels.

A real estate in Stopin, Brashov that consists of eight apartments building

A real estate in Stopin, Brashov that consists of eight apartments building, ready for sale, out of which three of the apartments already been sold. The land is clear of any liens and/ or subjugation and/ or debts and/ or any third party rights.

Commercial space with an area of approx.

Commercial space with an area of approx. 450 sq. located at ground zero in Bucharest (20 I.C. Bratianu Blvd.) between Piata Universitatii and PIata Unirii. Very suitable for being rented to companies. Presently rented to KENVELO.

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