Our firm has a large real estate department headed by its founding partner, Adv. Yaron Tikotzky and Adv. Moti Hoffman, who is a partner in the firm too.


The real estate desk handles a wide range of projects, including large-scale ones requiring complex handling: including long and complex planning processes and the representation of landowners vis-à-vis the planning and local authorities, escorting planning program approval, and land allocation processes, accompanying land distribution processes by way of partnership disassembly, consolidation and distribution plans etc. Our firm has rich experience in handling urban renewal projects (evacuation and construction and thickening and construction), representing both the developers involved in such projects, and in other cases - the tenants. The experience gained in our office in handling and accompanying such projects is wide and rich. We believe that the fact that in some projects we represent the tenants and in others the developers allows us to give every time to the party represented by us an optimal service arising partly from the familiarity with the way of thinking and conduct of the "other party". In addition, the manpower quota in our firm, which includes, in addition to attorneys, accountants and veterans of the tax authorities, allows our firm to provide professional legal guidance to our real estate clients as well as successfully address a wide range of taxation issues inherent in complex real estate transactions, while formulating original and creative legal ideas, aligning naturally with the provisions of the law and exhaust all possible tax relief opportunities under the law.
Major Projects
Among the major projects that our firm has accompanied are the lands of the "Success Israel" company, owned by about a thousand different owners (some heirs and heirs of the original owners), which we have accompanied in voluntary dismantling, while improving the planning of large land divisions in the West Rishon LeZion sands. Another area where we accompany the owners in all planning and improvement procedures, and now also in the construction phase - is the Har / 1200 plan complex in Hod Hasharon, where after many years of planning work and land decommissioning procedures, a condominium complex of 250 apartments is under construction for our clients.
In Ashdod, we accompany the Donitz Brothers (a public company) in a large-scale project, under which hundreds of housing units (over 400) will be built in the complex called the "Special Quarter." There too, we accompany the project from the planning procedures, continuing with financing arrangements (bank financing) and construction, and to the sale of the apartments and registration of the condominiums. Our office accompanies and provides legal services to leading entrepreneurial companies such as Brothers Donitz, Neve Schuster, Gindi Group etc. - As well as smaller entrepreneurial companies and contractors. The department works in full cooperation with the various departments of the firm, providing a diverse range of very significant real estate services, led by Dr. Shlomo Ness (Adv. & CPA). These include insolvency proceedings in real estate companies, support and advice to directors of real estate companies, and legal support for acquisition groups, with emphasis on extensive experience in the ultra-Orthodox sector. Among the clients treated by Dr. Shlomo Ness's department in real estate insolvency proceedings: Cementcal Group, Baranovich Group, Rubenenko Group, Arye & Ofer, Mei Arad, Faber, Ram Engineering, Immigrant Housing and Civil Housing, Zika Real Estate, Yochnyuk engineers Sinbar etc.
Inter Alia our firm currently accompanies the following projects:
  1. Two evacuation and construction projects in Ramat Gan, including a project of 240 housing units
  2. An evacuation and construction project in the Ramat Hanassi neighborhood of Bat Yam that includes 180 existing units (900 units for construction).
  3.  A "Construction-evacuation-construction" project near the Kyrion, Kiryat Bialik - an entire street (Ha'Atzmaut) complex with 280 existing housing units, 900 new units planned and a commercial / office center with a total of 30,000 square meters.
  4. An evacuation-construction project on Yoseftal Street in Kiryat Motzkin. This is also a complete street complex (Yoseftal) that includes about 100 existing housing units, with several hundred new housing units planned. In this project we represent the tenants - the landowners.
  5. An evacuation-construction project on Katzenelson Street in Neve-Shaanan, where our office accompanies the developer with whom the tenants contracted.
  6. An evacuation-construction project in Ashdod (Moshe-Haim Shapira St.).
  7. A thickening-construction project in Holon, in a complex next to the H / 300 complex. The complex will include 290 additional housing units in addition to the thickening and strengthening of 160 existing units.
  8. A thickening-construction project in the heart of Rishon LeZion (Bezalel complex) - We represent the tenants of a whole street in the complex. The planning for this complex is to create a thickening and urban renewal while moving some of the building rights to a complex in the west of the city.
  9. Four TAMA 38 thickening-building projects in the Carmel Center, in Romema and in the Neve Sha'anan neighborhood of Haifa.
  10.  Some TAMA 38 thickening-building projects in Givataim (Derech Hashalom, Yitzhak Sadeh St., Poaley Harakevet St., Sheinkin St.
  11. Some TAMA 38 thickening-building projects in Ramat-Gan (Arlozorov, 2 Ben-Gurion St., Had-Ness).
Let our expert and experienced attorneys represent you faithfully - with complete discretion.
For initial advice, more details and any questions, contact us now: Center Branch 03-6109100, Haifa Branch 04-8147500.

Let our expert and experienced attorneys represent you faithfully - with complete discretion.

For initial advice, more details and any questions, contact us now: Center Branch 03-6109100, Haifa Branch 04-8147500.


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A real estate in Stopin, Brashov that consists of eight apartments building

A real estate in Stopin, Brashov that consists of eight apartments building, ready for sale, out of which three of the apartments already been sold. The land is clear of any liens and/ or subjugation and/ or debts and/ or any third party rights.

Commercial space with an area of approx.

Commercial space with an area of approx. 450 sq. located at ground zero in Bucharest (20 I.C. Bratianu Blvd.) between Piata Universitatii and PIata Unirii. Very suitable for being rented to companies. Presently rented to KENVELO.

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