Our firm is a leading international law firm with active branches in the EU and Africa, with a business-to-business orientation, offering solutions related to conducting transactions with and outside of Israel, supporting companies from all countries seeking to integrate into growth markets.

Our office is dynamic and business-oriented, composed of lawyers, jurists and accountants, and is the ultimate support center for anyone interested in business or personal activity with the State of Israel or other countries. We have offices throughout Israel, and the firm provides its overseas services through offices located in Romania, Cyprus, the US, with expansion plans to other countries abroad. In addition to legal skills and degrees in economics, accounting and business administration, some of our firm's staff are lawyers qualified to practice law in foreign jurisdictions such as the United States, England-Wales, Romania, and Cyprus, creating a combination of the local perspective and a wide professional international perspective. In addition to a wide range of global business support activities, the firm's international platform serves as a bridge designed to assist Israelis abroad, or anyone who needs to liaise and engage in activities with the tax authorities in Israel, or with other official entities. The firm is increasingly involved in providing innovative, smart solutions for a variety of clients in the country and around the world.

Our firm also represent and guide Israeli clients in their real estate activities abroad, currently in: Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia, Poland, Germany, Greece, Ethiopia, and China. Our ability in this area relies, inter alia, on our international taxation activities and the care we provide to our clients operating in real estate abroad, including in many cases the tax planning aspects of such activity, as well as the establishment of the international holding / corporate structure, taking into account the taxation considerations, and the customer needs.


Our International Desk

The International Desk, headed by Adv. Yaron Tikotzky, provides services related to the United States and other countries. The desk also provides services to international companies interested in investing or establishing research and development centers in Israel. The branches in Romania, Cyprus, and the Chinese desk of the firm produce high dynamics of a breakthrough into the global market. We anticipate a significant increase in the accessibility and activity from this strategic positioning:


The Romanian branch specializes in providing solutions to Israelis and Israeli companies with financial and other interests in Romania.

The Cyprus branch of the firm specializes in establishing companies in Cyprus and in other areas of practice.

The US branch is located in New York City, and consists of highly professional and experienced lawyers, who have extensive experience in promoting commercial transactions, legal battles in courts etc.

The Chinese desk is managed by Attorney Avi Levy, a lawyer with thirty years of commercial experience in China, who is fluent in Chinese.

The French desk in our office is another pillar of the international response the firm provides to its clients around the world and integrates with the German desk in the firm's concept of the commercial-legal reality as a "global village" literally, allowing us to provide world-wide legal services at any point across the globe.

The Nigeria Desk provides a comprehensive response, both in the legal and business spheres, to businessmen, companies and private individuals, Israelis who are seeking to penetrate the Republic of Nigeria's market, and carry out transactions of any kind on its land.

Our Southeast Asia Desk provides unique and individualized consulting and response services to companies and business people seeking to import and export goods, negotiate, and receive exclusive franchises and agreements in China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.

Our Russian-speaking desk provides quality and comprehensive legal services, in all areas of expertise of our office, in Russian.

Our Arabic Language desk provides a comprehensive response to our Arabic-speaking clients, in a wide variety of legal areas in a way that is tailored to their special needs and in Arabic.


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