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As of May 2007, Doron, Tikotzky, Cantor, Gutman, Ness, Amit Gross & Co. Law Office have operated the Romanian branch in Bucharest. The firm represents a large number of private clients and companies in a variety of commercial areas. The firm provides its clients with legal and commercial support throughout the day-to-day activities of the business, in contracts, companies, tenders, labor law and in other areas such as insurance, personal injury and property damage.
Our firm, through our office in Bucharest, assists businesses in Romania, large and small, to establish and maintain their business operations in Romania in a wise and safe manner, in dealing with current legal and commercial issues, in proceedings vis-à-vis various government entities and all legal instances in Romania, all in accordance with Romanian and international law, by certified Romanian lawyers with seniority and experience in representing large entities.
Our desk in Bucharest provides a wide range of legal and business services to its Israeli and other clients, including tax and tax planning aspects, commercial representation, commercial transactions, and escorting companies from their establishment and in their operation, including representation with the Registrar of Companies and other administrative entities, real estate transactions and related tax services, full legal services for companies and their business in Romania as well as for entrepreneurs and investors, legal opinions in various and varied aspects, representation of parties in local courts in all labor law cases, insurance etc.
Our office in Romania has extensive experience in litigation in labor law, and in representation in business disputes in arbitration and various court proceedings. We also have the knowledge and experience of representing entrepreneurs, companies, and private clients in various real estate projects on Romanian soil. We can place one of our attorneys in Romania in the client's business, for the purpose of providing ongoing and close support as needed. Among the firm's clients, a significant number of Israeli public and private companies can be listed in a variety of fields such as foreign currency trading, Internet, media, general trade, light industry, and real estate.
In addition, our office in Romania represents various car rental and manpower companies operating in Romania and abroad, and we also represent a large Austrian bank active in Romania.
Representing Israelis in disputes over deals in Romania
The office of Doron Tikotzky, composed of lawyers, accountants and economists, and holding an independent branch in Bucharest, Romania, has unique expertise in representing Israelis who invested money in Romania and / or those injured as a result of transactions carried out by them on Romanian land. In this context, the firm represents a large number of Israelis who, at one point or another, decided to invest money in Romania to enter into business there, whether in real estate or in other fields, with a group of investors or independently.
These clients often feel the need for our legal representation, relying on the fact that our Israeli office has an independent branch in Romania for a variety of purposes, such as:
  • Checking with the Romanian land registration, whether the rights of the Israeli were actually registered in a clear and transparent manner, and whether they received all the information regarding their investments in Romania from the entities that put them into these transactions.
  • Examining the possibility of a cause of action against whoever put them into a deal in Romania, on the grounds that what was promised to them was not implemented and / or for various other reasons.
  • Sometimes it is a businessman who has been able to persuade the client to invest and join the "success," and sometimes it is a family member or friend who has succeeded in doing so.
  • Examining the possibility of claiming partners for transactions and / or assets in Romania, whether Israeli or Romanian, because these partners do not pass on reports to the firm's client and / or their share of the profits they receive from the rental and / or realizations and / or any other activity. Our firm will know how to look into the case, decide whether to act, how and in which country - Romania or Israel - and, in accordance with the experts' team, to safeguard your rights, and to claim that which you deserve, whenever there is room to sue.
Issuing Romanian passports to Israelis
Our Israeli office has an independent branch in Romania, operating in Bucharest, through experienced Romanian lawyers, having a unique activity and specialization associated with the issuance of Romanian citizenship and passports for Israelis from Romanian origins.
Our firm represents hundreds of clients, seeking Romanian passports for themselves or for children and / or grandchildren, recognizing the benefits of holding a passport from a European Union country. The firm in Romania is working intensively with the authorities in Romania and the various provinces to find the documents needed to issue the required passport. The client works directly vis-à-vis the office and receives a quick, efficient and high-quality response.
Let expert and experienced attorneys represent you faithfully - with complete discretion
For initial advice, more details and any questions, contact us now: Center Branch 03-6109100, Haifa Branch 04-8147500.

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In the last years more and more Israeli citizens wish to regain their lost Romanian citizenship or to gain it relying on their Romanian born ancestors' rights.

Villa in Tartasesti, 30 km from Bucharest

Villa loactaed in Tartasesti, Dambovita county, 30 km away from Bucharest, perfect for holidays or weekends. Tartasesti is a small town located in Dambovita county, 30 km away form Bucharest, in a quiet place, far away from the crowd of the city. The location is perfect for leisure activities especially during holidays or weekends.

How to levy money owed to you in Romania?

In terms of commercial debt recovery, the Romanian law stipulates several procedures, depending on the debt instrument that the creditor has.

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