DTKG&G’s Immigration Law Department provides legal advice and support in three key aspects – immigration, foreign workers, and relocation. We provide legal services to companies that employ foreign workers, or companies that need legal assistance in the relocation processes of overseas experts to Israel. Our client list includes industry and high-tech companies, sports organisations, construction firms, companies operating in the agricultural sector, leading Israeli restaurants and food chains, and more.
Comprehensive Services for Employers Employing Foreign Workers in Israel
After applying for a foreign worker’s employment permit and/or relocation to Israel of overseas experts, our firm continues to advise and support the employer vis-à-vis government ministries, and assists with other applications such as replacing foreign workers, extending employment permits, extraordinary applications to grant status in Israel, representation in court, and more. The department supports employers who have been sued by foreign workers, and the department’s staff has the requisite skills to deal with such claims very successfully.
The department handles many cases related to the complex process of relocating foreign workers to Israel, which includes:
  • Applying for work permits and work visas for foreign workers.
  • Arranging permits and visas for foreign experts in all sectors of the economy.
  • Construction of an employee / expert file for the employer, containing the documents and permits which must be kept, in accordance with the law, at a foreign worker’s workplace.
  • Drafting employee or specialist employment contracts in accordance with the requirements of the Foreign Workers Act, the relevant protective laws, and the terms and conditions under which the employee or the expert will be employed during the period of his employment with the employer.
  • Guiding employers with respect to social benefits, pay-slip structure, and legal prescriptions incumbent on the employer with respect to foreign workers.
  • Providing ongoing legal advice throughout the employee hiring process.
Immigration to Israel
We support our clients with every aspect related to immigration to Israel, and inter alia:
  • Full support vis-à-vis all governmental authorities on immigration issues, including the Ministry of the Interior, the Population and Immigration Authority, and more.
  • Arranging temporary or permanent status in Israel.
  • Legal handling of a foreign resident cohabiting with an Israeli resident
  • Legal advice to those who have been refused entry to Israel and arranging the required permits.
  • Arranging tourist visas for business, family, or tourist visits to Israel.
  • Arranging visas for foreign residents who married, or are about to marry, a resident of Israel.
  • Comprehensive legal support for immigrants to Israel and Olim [Translator’s Note: Hebrew – New immigrants entitled to citizenship under the Law of Return – g.m.] vis-à-vis the Ministry of the Interior and the authorities.
  • Representation before the Humanitarian Committees.
  • Representation before the Court of Appeals – the central court with regard to legal status in Israel, foreign workers, etc.
Administrative Aspects
Many times, during the legal process the need arises to represent our clients in filing administrative petitions with the administrative courts or the High Court of Justice.
We represent employers in their opposition to government decisions or the decisions of authorities in the fields of immigration, workers, and the relocation of foreigners to Israel, before the Ministry of the Interior and other authorities.
For legal advice and representation in the process of hiring foreign workers or relocation to Israel by overseas experts to work for your company, contact us and we will be happy to help you at any time and on any issues in this field.

Let our expert and experienced attorneys represent you faithfully - with complete discretion.

For initial advice, more details and any questions, contact us now: Center Branch 03-6109100, Haifa Branch 04-8147500


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