The Employment Law Department of Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Ness, Amit, Gross & Co., represents many clients in a variety of sectors.
These include hundreds of leading companies in the Israeli marketplace, in the fields of catering and food, industry, construction, hotels and hospitality, high-tech, and more.
Through a team of experienced employment law attorneys, the department advises employers in all aspects of hiring, including in the commercial aspects of business operations. The service we provide our clients consists of a personal touch and the identification of unique and creative solutions, even in complex cases. The department combines rich and in-depth experience and knowledge of employment law, commercial law, and immigration and relocation law, which allows us to provide our clients with the broadest cover when encountering an issue comprising several legal facets. We provide our clients with ongoing legal support and advice, including representation in disputes related to commercial agreements, dealing with employees, hiring staff, immigration, and more. The department’s legal team has extensive knowledge in this field, and we provide our clients with the best service from both the business and the legal perspectives. Our familiarity with every aspect of the Israeli employment market, enables us to act for our clients from an understanding of their unique needs, with attention to the smallest of details. For more than a decade, the department has been advising hundreds of employers, companies, organisations, factories, and food and catering chains, in recruiting and employing staff, as well as regulating and introducing employment law issues to and within the organisation. Thanks to our extensive experience and unparalleled rates of success in representing employers before the Employment Tribunals and vis-à-vis the authorities, we are able to accurately adjust the way an employee is employed at a company, in accordance with the prescriptions of law.
How do we help our clients deal with the multitude of legal provisions?
The department’s team accompanies the employer in the process of creating compliant employment files and drafting employment agreements in accordance with the law, which includes critical clauses to protect the employer; furthermore, we ensure that pay slips issued to employees meet all required standards. Employer legal advice from the first day of hiring an employee, is imperative in light of the legal provisions that now place business owners in a position where they may be more exposed than ever to legal actions, fines, and penalties. The department’s staff is highly skilled at significantly reducing the exposure of the employer to claims by his employees, and to exposure vis-à-vis the authorities such as: levies, fines, indictments, or financial sanctions. Thanks to our advice, based on experience gained in the field, we save our clients time and money, as well as afford them peace of mind. When necessary, the department’s legal team advises our clients with respect to administrative and criminal investigations in the field of employment law and provides advice and representation on indictments served by the Ministry of Economy and the Population and Immigration Authority, conducted before the Employment Tribunals.
Our familiarity with Israeli law, unique in the field of employment law, and the significant skills we have gained in the field, have led us and our clients to unparalleled successes in legal proceedings before the Employment Tribunals, for instance: striking out indictments filed against businesses on suspicion of illegal employment as well as gaining employment law case-law precedents. We guide our clients in implementing the many changes that have occurred in recent years in legislation and case law, which today place high and stringent demands on employers in Israel.

Let our expert and experienced attorneys represent you faithfully - with complete discretion.

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