The Department of Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation at the DTKG&G Law office specializes in corporate rehabilitation, suspension of proceedings, and settlement procedures, liquidations and receiverships, and is known as the leading and most experienced in this field in Israel. It is a multidisciplinary department that combines the powers of jurists, accountants, and economists with decades of accumulated experience in handling the largest cases in Israel.
The department is headed by the lawyer and accountant, Dr. Shlomo Nass, who has the leading role in Israel in insolvency, rehabilitation, and corporate recovery procedures, and who has accompanied Israel's largest rehabilitation, disassembly, and receivership cases in recent decades.
The attorneys in the department are appointed by the courts, both at the initiative of the courts and at the request of companies and creditors, including banks, as holders of insolvency proceedings, public companies, retail chains and infrastructure companies, real estate, commerce, industrial enterprises etc. The firm represents and accompanies as well various companies, creditors and entities in insolvency proceedings, to achieve their optimal purpose.
The team works jointly with lawyers and economists with legal, economic, and accounting backgrounds, who provide ongoing consulting and management services to companies in difficulties, and to their management and boards in accompanying recovery and rehabilitation processes. The department is experienced in managing and executing debt arrangements, credit arrangements, and corporate rehabilitations. Among the largest cases in Israel it handled:
Clubmarket (among the largest rehabilitation and debtor arrangement in Israel), Agrexco agricultural export, Co-Op Israel, Aura Investments, Maariv Group, Eshbel Technologies, The New Central Bus Station Ltd., in Tel-Aviv, Burger Ranch, Lehem Erez, Inspire Investments,  Lev-Ophir Group, Peled Givoni Group (including Feuchtwanger Investments, Hail Holdings, and Yiskal Holdings), Baranovich Group,  Rubenenco Group, On Engineering and air-conditioning, Arieh & Ofer Group, Zika Industries, Diur Laoleh, Calanit Software, Cementcal Group, Mei Arad, Faber, Feber Ltd. Digel Investments, Chip P. C., Eshel,  IL Makiage, Barat, Revadion, Sunday Energy, and many others.   
In recent years, the department's attorneys have served as trustees of the court for the management and realization of real estate, factories, and assets worth Billions of NIS. The firm's partners also specially appointed by the courts and state authorities to conduct special investigations and special legal auditing, and have conducted some of the largest legal-commercial investigations in Israel.
Services of the Department of Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation
  •  Counseling and escorting companies in difficulties before going into insolvency proceedings
  • Representation and advice to companies facing liquidation or receivership proceedings, including in liquidation defense proceedings.
  • Counseling and guidance for management and directors of companies in difficulties or during a crisis.
  • Management and handling of debt arrangements and creditors' composition.
  • Representation and advice to creditors of various types in insolvency proceedings.
  • Representation and support of banks and state authorities in insolvency proceedings.
  • Guiding rehabilitation and recovery processes in companies, non-profit organizations, and various entities.
  • Representation and counseling for various parties in corporate dissolution proceedings and suspension of Proceedings.
  • Representation and consulting in receivership proceedings and realization of assets in various proceedings.
Past experience proves that irreversible disbandment procedures can be avoided by professional and proper treatment. Over the past few years, the department has dealt with companies that are on the verge of crisis and collapse, which, thanks to management, support, and professional care have been able to recover and save the business, and to achieve an optimal closure of complicated insolvency cases.

Let our expert and experienced attorneys represent you faithfully - with complete discretion.

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