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DTKG&G’s High-Tech Department supports and represents diverse high-tech and biotech clients, including a long list of Israeli and international start-ups, NASDAQ-listed tech companies, as well as private equity and venture capital funds, both Israeli and foreign.
The range of clients and the experience gained by the firm in representing companies, investors, and funds in Israel and overseas, makes it a leading firm in the field. Our unique knowledge is born of a familiarity with the unique legal needs of the high-tech and biotech sectors, stemming from both technological advancements and regulatory and legislative changes in the field, together with a global business perspective. All these make DTKG&G’s High-Tech Department a highly reputable department, which is regularly ranked as a leading department by various ranking agencies.
The department consists of lawyers and senior partners who advise and support our clients in complex technology-field transactions, including mergers and acquisitions and other strategic deals with first-rate international technology companies. The department’s experienced staff lends and provides comprehensive legal advice to entrepreneurs, investors, and companies in their various stages of growth, in issues ranging from financing and raising capital – including private equity and venture capital investments – through complex loans and other financing transactions. Practice in supporting the high-tech sector requires in-depth legal knowledge, a business, practical approach, and the ability to see the picture as a whole, taking into account the limited resources that entrepreneurs and companies have in the early stages of their development. The attorneys in the department have extensive knowledge of Israeli and foreign laws governing this field and are highly business oriented as well as very efficient. The experience of the legal team in the field of raising capital and the operation of venture capital funds, is based on structuring many venture capital transactions over the years, both in Israel and overseas. The legal team of DTKG&G’s High-Tech Department provides our clients with exceptional efficiency and sophisticated and unique advice, starting with the process of formulating the initial terms of the transaction, including up-and-close legal support throughout all negotiation stages (in Israel and/or overseas), incorporating in-depth legal knowledge and an understanding the client’s business needs, and through to the actual completion of the transaction.
The High-Tech Department works in full synergy with the other departments in the firm, such as the capital market, taxation, employment law, and litigation departments. The cooperation between the firm’s various departments affords our clients the possibility of enjoying a one-stop-shop legal experience. In the field of taxation, we provide our clients with tight and regular support – provided by our firm’s top Taxation Department lawyers, who help our clients plan tax issues effectively. The legal team is also trained in providing employment law solutions by skilled and knowledgeable lawyers in all aspects of formulating and implementing employee incentive plans, including share option-based plans and bonuses, and providing ongoing support in the management of company employees. In addition, the team has extensive experience working with the Chief Scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labour, in a variety of programs under the R&D Act, including in connection with receiving grants and joining technology incubators.
Prominent Services Provided by Our Firm’s High-Tech Department:
The department’s staff is engaged in providing legal advice and support to the commercial activities of high-tech companies, in general, and companies in the fields of drug development, biotechnology, and medical devices, in particular. The department provides advice and guidance on research, development, and regulation of high-tech technology, as well as drafting complex commercial agreements that include protection and commercialisation of a company’s intellectual property, including: agency agreements; distribution; franchise; licensing and supply; co-operations; joint ventures and partnerships; strategic agreements; technology transfer; risk management with respect to manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, as well as a wide range of agreements and contractual engagements related to intellectual property protection and commercialisation. Our clients enjoy the knowledge and prowess accumulated in our large firm, as well as personal touch accompanied by a deep understanding of their needs, in both business and legal aspects. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in our clients’ areas of business, enabling the department to present creative and innovative legal and business solutions to achieve the best business outcomes for the client.
The prestigious Israeli ranking guide BDI Code 2018 ranked our firm’s High-Tech Department as a leading department for 2018.

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