Legal issues unique to the ultra-Orthodox sector

The ultra-Orthodox sector constitutes a significant market player, which is aware of its power, and demands appropriate solutions tailored to its unique needs. Dr. Shlomo Ness (Adv. & CPA) and Adv. Zvia Schiff have been working for several decades to promote the needs of the sector, in various areas, including not-for-profit organisations, housing, consumerism, and entrepreneurship, and head a dedicated department at DTKG&G for the ultra-Orthodox community. The department works with a professional team from across a range of legal fields, and is familiar with the Halakhic [Translator’s Note: Jewish law – g.m.], linguistic, and environmental demands suitable and relevant to the sector, to provide the best service that respects the community’s values, way of life, and activities, in its multifaceted hues. Due to the size and professionalism of the firm, the client receives a comprehensive and fast service for any business or entrepreneurial activity, as well as addressing any legal or commercial needs that the various institutions, individuals, families, or any other entity may have. Due to the large amount of activity and the accrued experience with this community, the firm provides a professional legal platform that assists entities external to the sector in the promotion and creation of activities and legal and business relationships with the ultra-Orthodox community.
The following are the range of services that our firm provides:
  • Tax advice and handling accounts and money from overseas designated for the ultra-Orthodox sector.
  • Tax advice and handling overseas assets owned by Israelis from the ultra-Orthodox and religious communities.
  • Advising voluntary disclosure processes regarding funds, accounts, or assets in the ultra-Orthodox community.
  • Supporting real estate projects and purchase groups within the ultra-Orthodox community.
  • Advice and support for businesses or not-for-profit organisations in the ultra-Orthodox sector experiencing difficulties or when embroiled in insolvency proceedings.
  • Conducting arbitration and mediation proceedings to avoid litigation.
  • Legal services for high-tech and start-up companies related to the ultra-Orthodox community.
  • Advising and providing legal services to the ultra-Orthodox community with respect to capital markets.
  • Supporting institutions (Yeshiva, schools and other entities) on employment law issues and employing foreign workers.
  • Israeli Immigration and Relocation Law – Adapted to the ultra-Orthodox sector.
  • Conduct of international legal proceedings concerning the ultra-Orthodox sector.
  • Management advice and guidance for institutions and not-for-profit organisations.

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