The importance of a lawyer specialized in taxation and VAT law
As a leading law firm in the field of taxation, our firm provides oversight and advice to our clients on the legal issues relating to VAT. Our VAT experts include former VAT Authority employees, chartered accountants (CPA’s), and taxation consultants, all of whom handle audit processes, investigation procedures, assessment discussions, or any procedure related to the VAT authorities.
Our experience shows that professional oversight from the earliest stages can greatly assist in closing cases to the client’s optimal benefit while reducing the client’s exposure to taxation complications.
In Israel, the taxation component collected by various taxation authorities related to every citizen constitutes a significant and strongly felt aspect in every business organization’s day to day activities throughout Israel, no matter whether the business is small or very large scale. Israel’s Tax Authority is closely familiar with every one of us and the branch of activity each of us is linked to, and can assess anticipated income, the nature of the organization’s conduct, and what is expected of us formally and operatively as taxpayers in Israel.
As a result, a large percentage of our income is designated for taxation authorities, either on a monthly or annual basis; some is contingent upon profit and some is not contingent, some is paid to the Tax Authority due to our tax liability and other sums are paid by us as trustees deducting withholding tax for payments to third parties.
Moreover, tax law legislation in Israel is extensive and prone to changes. By its nature, legislation seeks to ensure a wide range of fiscal interests, which in turn requires broad reporting requirements, including maintaining accounting logs, the obligation to transfer deductions, and other diverse requirements related to tax payments.
Legislation in the field aims to take into consideration a changing business reality with a wider variety of businesses, industries and scopes of business. Legislation will therefore always aim to close loopholes from the Tax Authority’s perspective as a way of streamlining the operations, monitoring and supervision over the conduct of every business in Israel. The Tax Authority also aims to ensure tax laws are complied with through sophisticated digital systems which can examine reports and activities in real time by crosschecking data and automatically pinpointing contradictions in an organization’s reports and/or conduct.
The Tax Authority employs teams of inspectors and auditors, lawyers and accountants, and officials given formal Tax Authority training to detect omissions and/or irregularities in reports. It also has departments focused on detecting tax offenses, investigating citizens, and taking actions to ensure maximum tax collection. Where relevant, criminal law can be applied to tax offenders.
Vat Offenses
Citizens running businesses may find themselves undergoing inspection, audit, investigations of income tax and/or VAT without any prior warning by the Tax Authorities. These actions may be taken in coordination with the organization’s accountant, tax consultant or lawyer, or without prior coordination by just simply appearing at the business, or calling the business owner to an investigation.
This stage, whereby the citizen faces the authorized VAT or income tax representative, is critical. Every word, document, and statement is of crucial importance. This stage may determine the fate of the case, and could lead to irreversible damage as far as an assessment of tax due, or at the level of criminal offense.
It is a situation that must be treated with utmost caution, and handled by professional legal tax consultants who will advise the business owner. Most beneficial is consultancy from a lawyer specialized in VAT offenses and income tax law who has the knowledge and experience to handle cases of this kind, including audits and all Tax Authority dealings.
Our firm’s VAT and Income Tax lawyers are fully conversant with VAT Law and have extensive experience in providing ongoing professional support to individuals and companies in civil and criminal procedures relating to VAT Law, while neutralizing exposure to criminal charges. We provide our clients with close oversight from the initial stage, and particularly once an investigation has been opened. We represent our clients in hearings and pre-ruling procedures, appeal and arbitration proceedings, and assessment discussions, procedures related to the submission of fictitious invoices, extortion, VAT appeals, various administrative issues, and providing professional opinions on VAT related issues.
Vat Lawyer: Legal Representation
Our firm provides comprehensive legal services and oversight based on our rich cumulative experience and knowledge. Among the services are:
  • Tax planning
  • Preparing legal opinions in the field of VAT
  • Conducting appeal and arbitration proceedings, assessment and pre-ruling procedures
  • Representation in collection processes
  • Representation of persons summonsed to an investigation or to provide testimony
  • Oversight on arrest procedures
  • Legal oversight on investigation procedures
  • Managing audit procedures
  • Managing hearings
  • Representation in civil and criminal procedures relating to fictitious tax invoices
  • Preparing applications for conversion to an administrative fine
  • Applications for conversion to ransom
  • Representation in courts, criminal appeals and third party committees
Vat Lawyers Office – Experts in Taxation Law
Our two branches, in central Bnei Brak and Haifa, comprise VAT lawyers who previously worked in the VAT Taxation Authority, and who have knowledge and experience in handling VAT cases directly linked to the specific issues at hand. Our firm’s lawyers, with expertise on taxation and VAT laws, routinely handle procedures with the tax assessment offices and courts of law in every region in Israel. We are considered as the largest law firm in Haifa and northern Israel.
Our constant interactions with the authorities in connection with hundreds of cases, representing thousands of hours of discussions, have allowed us to learn the Tax Authority policies in the closest detail, as well as the approaches held by the Tax Authorities and the courts of law concerning the degree to which the authorities can be expected to be flexible towards reaching a settlement. Our firm’s close familiarity with each and every department in the taxation authority overall, our close knowledge of decisions reached by the Tax Authority and by courts of law in each area, has accrued into knowledge which, taken with our years of cumulative experience and our excellent reputation, enable us to assist handling cases with extremely high efficiency towards bringing about a fast, quality resolution which addresses the interests of all parties involved.


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