Our firm is a leading commercial law firm with global presence. By virtue of our global outreach, we provide professional support to business and private clients wishing to operate in France and/or French speaking countries, as well as to French companies and businesses seeking to operate in Israel. We offer a variety of legal services, including drafting of legal opinions on French and Israeli law, legal assistance in purchasing real estate, managing inheritances and wills, international tax planning, French citizenship, and so on.

Attorney in France
Our clients benefit from the services of French speaking lawyers providing professional ongoing services. The team is based in Israel and provides legal support on all areas related to French law and jurisdiction, as well as all areas of Israeli law. The French speaking team is led by Advocate Sandrine Deri, a notary and mediator with over 20 years of experience specializing in civil law, international commercial and private law (France – Israel). Sandrine is certified by the French Consul General in Tel Aviv and provides legal counsel to the French Consul General in Haifa. She is also certified by the Ministry of Justice to draft EPAs (Enduring Power of Attorney).
In addition, our firm has a branch in France, situated in Paris, which provides local legal counsel, and can assist in the various proceedings with governmental entities and local courts. The firm’s branch, staffed with attorneys in France completes the holistic legal package we provide our clients.
Advocate Services in France
If you have business activities in France, it is important to understand that the two countries, France and Israel, have different taxation and legal systems. This requires careful tax advise with the French authorities. Whether you hold assets in France, or business activities in France or Israel, you must take international taxation into account and be assisted by a tax lawyer in France and Israel, who will assess tax payments on the acquisition of shares, real estate, or other property in France. Our tax lawyer in France can also help reconcile between tax payments in France and tax payments in Israel based on international tax laws and agreements.
Additionally, if you require legal advice and professional support for business or private activities, our French speaking legal team will consult you based on their thorough knowledge of the Israeli and French legal systems. Our French lawyers offer the following services:
  • Incorporation and company registration in France and Israel
  • Drafting agreements and contracts in French and Hebrew
  • Business and commercial disputes
  • Dealing with banks in France and Israel
  • Inheritance, distribution of estates and drafting of wills in French and Hebrew
  • Notarized certificates in French and Hebrew
  • Legal opinions on French law and Israeli law for courts
  • Registration of marriages and divorces in the Population Registry in France and in Israel
  • Enforcement of judgments in France and Israel
France Lawyer: Legal Counsel on Real Estate issues
An attorney knowledgeable in French and Israeli real estate laws and business in France will be able to provide you with personalized support when it comes to buying, selling or managing properties. Our firm offers a full legal and professional package in all legal aspects of real estate transactions, whether conducted in Israel or France, providing you with oversight on all stages of your transaction.
Sandrine DAY, avocat et notaire
Habilitée par le consulat général de France à Tel Avi
En charge du département francophone
Téléphone en France: 0177477211
972-54-5469315 + mobile en Israël:

אנו עומדים לרשותך בכל שאלה: סניף מרכז 03-6109100, סניף חיפה 04-8147500, נייד: 054-4251054

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