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Omri Alter

Advocate - Hi-Tech and VC and Capital Markets
Adv. Omri Alter provides ongoing commercial legal consultancy to public and private companies in a variety of fields.
Omri provides legal support to companies on commercial transactions, advises boards of directors, counsels on initial public offerings, secondary offerings, private offerings, stakeholder transactions, corporate governance matters, mergers and acquisitions, and offerings on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
Omri also serves as legal auditor on behalf of capital market underwriters for various companies preparing to raise capital. He provides ongoing oversight for companies drawing up business contracts together with handling of legal issues related to employees.
Omri represents international and Israeli clients in all areas of corporate law and commercial law, including startups on their path to their seed round, and legal-business strategy consultancy.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LL.D., 22022
Bar-Ilan University, LL.M., 2011
Membership in the Bar Association:
Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2012
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