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Nina Aharonov

Advocate - Real Estate and Urban Renewal
Adv. Nina Aharonov provides clients with ongoing legal consultancy for urban renewal projects and offers ongoing consultant and oversight on Pinui Binui and TAMA 38 projects.
Nina provides ongoing legal consulting to homeowners and developers in urban renewal and TAMA 38 projects. She guides clients through all stages of the project’s execution, from initial negotiations of contracts to the project’s completion and registration of rights in the Land Registry. 
Nina also provides legal advice and support to real estate companies, developers and homeowners on all aspects of real estate, from purchase to planning, permits, development, financing and property taxation.
Nina has extensive experience in advising clients vis-à-vis requirements of the various authorities including the Taxation Authority and Israel Land Authority, providing legal consulting and drawing up opinions on various taxation issues pertaining to real estate transactions.
Bar-Ilan University, LL.M., 2022
The Israel Academic College in Ramat Gan, LL.B., 2013
Membership in the Bar Association:
Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2015                                                           
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