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Eli Doron

Advocate and Notary, Founding Partner
Adv. Eli Doron, a Founding Partner of our Firm, specializes in the accompaniment of purchase and/or sales transactions, civil and criminal taxation of companies and individuals, international tax planning, legalization of undeclared capital, litigation and handling business and real estate disputes.
Eli’s has been accompanying many clients that are in dispute with the Tax Authorities, VAT, the Income Tax, Customs, etc., both in the civil or criminal aspects, including legal accompaniment in preparing for and during interrogations, handling arrest and release stages, conducting tax assessment and settlement processes with the Tax Authorities as well as in court proceedings. As such, he provides legal counsel on disputes concerning tax laws, including Phase A’ tax assessment discussions, reservation discussions, tax appeals, rulings, removing tax defaults, formulating tax assessment agreements, legalizing undeclared capital, voluntary disclosures, handling and legalizing unreported bank accounts, and more.
Eli has extensive experience in managing litigation cases and various adversarial civil legal proceedings concerning disputes between partners, shareholders and companies based on legal, taxation and accounting arguments. These may include handling of breaches of contract, disputes between service providers, inheritance battles between heirs or claimants on the validity of Wills, disputes between contractors and developers, financial disputes, disputes between entrepreneurs, failure to uphold loan repayments and/or meet other contractual liabilities, etc.
Eli has vast experience in accompanying all types of Israeli and international transactions and in providing counsel on tax aspects of the transaction, including matters of individuals and companies’ taxation, real estate taxation, transfer costs, digital coins taxation, control and management systems, trusts, etc.
Eli accompanies Israeli entrepreneurs operating abroad in a variety of fields, including the formation of companies abroad, establishing international trusts, consulting on ‘center of life’ and country of residence issues, consulting on matters associated with the control and management of companies, accompaniment of real estate investment developers and entrepreneurs engaged in other business investments in European countries, etc.
For many years, Eli served as a lecturer at the Accounting Faculty of Haifa University and authored many professional articles on taxation and business.
Eli is responsible for the Firm’s international relations and has extensive ties with leading law firms around the world.
Before founding the office, Eli worked for the Ministry of Justice and served as a prosecutor for the Fiscal Department of the State Attorney, where he represented the Income Tax Authority and various tax assessment officers, as well as the Income Tax Authority’s Investigations Department on hundreds of cases before various legal instances. Upon completing his work at the Ministry of Justice, he continued to provide legal services to the Ministry of Finance in general and to the Tax Authority in particular for over a decade. 
Leicester University, U.K., LL.B., 1993
P.E. reserve graduate, cum laude, 1986
Membership in the Bar Association:
Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1994
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