Our law firm has a Labor & Employment practice, offering vast experience in comprehensive consultancy to a wide range of Israeli and international clients, including hundreds of leading companies in the Israeli economy from every market sector, including of the restaurant and food sector, industry, hi-tech, real estate, hospitality and hotels, media and more.
Our consultancy package is based on personalization and finding unique creative solutions for even the most complex cases, such as mergers and acquisitions, individual and collective labor disputes, and litigation proceedings.
We guide our clients through all aspects of labor laws and employee remuneration, from the recruitment stage and across a diversity of issues including employment contracts, employment termination, incentive and bonus plans, employment of contractors and consultants, confidentiality and non-competition agreements (NDA’s), collective disputes, remuneration of senior staff, privacy, sexual harassment in the workplace, and formulation of human resources policies.
Legal consultancy for employers from the first day of an individual’s employment is vital in light of the instructions of the law, which currently leave managers exposed more than ever before to legal claims, fines and sanctions.
Labor & Employment Litigation
These days, employers are more exposed than ever to claims by employees and by authorities for levies, fines, indictments or financial sanctions. We guide our clients on implementing the many changes required due to legislation and rulings in recent years, which currently set a high and stringent threshold for employers in Israel.
Our firm represents clients in all legal proceedings before various judicial instances, as well as in mediation and arbitration processes. The department’s team is highly skilled in significantly minimizing the employer’s exposure. Where necessary, we represent our clients in administrative and criminal investigations, providing consultancy and representation for Ministry of Economy and Population Authority indictments conducted in Regional and National Labor Courts.
Our familiarity with the unique aspects of Israeli labor laws and the extensive skillfulness we gained in this domain have brought about significant successes in legal proceeding in labor law courts for both us and our clients, such as: deletion of indictments submitted against employers charged with unlawful employment, and precedent setting rulings in the field of labor law.
Immigration and Relocation
We accompany our clients through a broad range of immigration and relocation processes, including obtaining work permits for managers and employees, and employment of foreign workers and experts in Israel. The firm’s department integrates extensive experience and knowledge on labor law, commercial law, and immigration and relocation law, allowing us to offer clients optimal customized solutions for the cross-border work environment.
Franchise Law
Among our areas of expertise, our firm specializes in managing crisis situations arising in the intricate fabric of the relationship between chains, franchisees and employees. We provide our clients with creative and actionable solutions for even the most complex and challenging circumstances.
Our close familiarity with all aspects of work and labor domain in Israel allows us to act for our clients based on in-depth understanding of their special needs while ensuring that even the finest details have been addressed.

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