Our firm is uniquely specialized in the field of class action suits, which enables us to assist our clients with all stages of a suit, from submission of the class action claim to representing commercial organizations and companies exposed to class action suits. Our department’s team has rich experience in handling class action suits in a range of areas, including consumerism, advertising, food, accessibility, labor law, environment, credit, consumer protection and more.
The field of class action suits is highly dynamic and characterized by special procedures. The uniqueness of class action suits derives from the fact that a single individual who suffered a relatively minor damage can submit a claim on behalf of a group of hundreds, thousands and even millions of individuals who suffered the same damage, and claim full compensation for the damage caused to the entire group from the liable party.
The most common areas in which class action suits are submitted are:
  • Class action lawsuits on behalf of the public of consumers. Large scale commercial organizations providing services or selling products to the general public may at times cause damage to the public. The damage may result from not strictly upholding all consumer regulations, such as breach of consumer protection laws, breaching the obligatory standards, product defects, faults in the production line, overcharging or erroneous calculations of fees and rates, misleading advertising, non-disclosure of information relevant to the public, and so on. Generally, the damage caused to each consumer is relatively small, to a degree that would not justify lodging a personal claim. However, class action suits allow submitting a claim for overall damages caused to the general public of clients, which may accrue to the tune of millions of shekels.
  •  Class action lawsuits in the field of companies’ law. Flawed conduct on the part of companies traded on the stock exchange, whose shares are held by the general public, may cause injury to the value of the company’s shares resulting in damage to shareholders. A company’s conduct may be the reason for a claim by the shareholding public in many diverse cases, such as when a company makes incorrect decisions due to negligence, when a company’s advertising is misleading, or when the company does not fully publish its activities to the shareholding public, when company officers take decisions or actions which they are not authorized to take, and so on.
  • Class action lawsuits in the field of environmental protection. Our environment is deeply affected by the actions of industry, sewage corporations, crude oil and gas companies, and similar organizations. They are all subject to stringent regulations intended to reduce detrimental effects on the environment as far as possible. But these organizations are occasionally negligent or break laws applicable to them, causing a broad range of damage to the general public, from bothersome odors and disturbing noise to severe ecological catastrophes. The class action suit allows an individual who suffered harm resulting from damage to the environment to submit a claim for the overall damage caused to the general public exposed to the same type of damage.
  • Class action lawsuits against public authorities. Public authorities, government organizations and municipalities are subject to a complex system of laws and rules which obligate them. Public authorities operating in breach of these rules and as a result, causing damage to the general public, may be sued through a class action. Similarly, when authorities overcharge on property taxes, levies, fees and the like which do not accord with the applicable rules, they may be sued by a class action suit and required to refund sums of money collected from the public.
Appropriate compensation for the suing individual and the group
A person instigating a class action suit which is accepted as a justified one may eventually receive not only compensation for the damage caused to that individual but appropriate compensation for the service she or he represented on behalf of the public. Compensation of this kind may reach hundreds, if not thousands, of shekels. In light of these situations, traded companies and public organizations conducting activities which may impact a broad public are exposed to class action suits that can reach millions of shekels if those actions have harmed a large enough group of people, even if the actual damage affected only one individual and was relatively small, totaling no more than a few dozen shekels.
How can we assist in the matter of class action lawsuits?
Our firm has vast experience in successfully representing defendants and plaintiffs in a wide range of class action lawsuits.
As a firm advising plaintiffs in class action lawsuits, our firm brought about corrections to consumer injustices and significant outcomes in diverse fields. We conduct the full legal process, from preparation of the evidentiary infrastructure needed to file the class action lawsuit, and across all stages of the process.
By virtue of the counsel, we provide to commercial organizations exposed to class action lawsuits, many lawsuits have been rejected. In other instances, arrangements were reached, that reduced the scope of exposure to which the commercial organization had been exposed. We also provide preliminary legal counsel to such organizations for the purpose of limiting, as far as possible, exposure to class action suits and the damage they may incur in the public arena and in the media.
We employ diverse creative tools to prevent class action lawsuits from being accepted, or try to resolve the issue out of court through alternative avenues such as mediation and arbitration. 

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