Environment Protection Laws
Recent years have shown increasing regulatory enforcement in the field of environmental issues and the number of indictments served against companies and managers in light of breached laws. 
Current environmental regulations are extremely strict. Businesses cannot afford ignoring these issues, since non-compliance may lead the business and its managers to being subject to criminal liability, since they are subject to the duty of supervision of identifying and handling any breach of law.
Our firm provides consultancy and ongoing support on environmental law issues, in the framework of litigation processes before to authorities and government bodies, including the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Water Authority, as well as before various courts of law, as part of civil and criminal processes, and in administrative enforcement procedures related to environmental regulations.
We provide ongoing consultancy to industrial plants, local municipalities, moshav and kibbutz communities, commercial organizations, public and private companies, associations, real estate developers, and officers with regards to indictments served against them due to offenses against environmental laws (the Water Law, the Anti-Littering Law, the Hazardous Materials Law, Disturbance Prevention Law, and various other laws). Within this framework, we accompany them through all stages of the initial audit and investigation, as well as through the submission of indictments.
Our firm also provides consultancy in the framework of various transactions (mergers & acquisitions, real estate, ownership transfer, and so on) on a broad range of environmental topics. We assist our clients with examining the diverse aspects and exposing any environmental risks during the transaction formulation stage.
Environmental Lawyers
For over a decade, and in fact until 2008, our firm represented the Ministry of Environmental Protection in criminal cases by virtue of a unique power of attorney provided by the Attorney General. Our firm was among the very few in the Haifa and northern Israel region serving as an external prosecutor on behalf of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
In this framework, Advocate Gil Mor, our environment attorney, gained vast experience in interfacing with various government bodies involved in environmental issues. Over the years, he played a key role in guiding the rulings and level of punishment in these cases.
Upon the lapse of our firm’s contract with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, we continued leveraging this vast knowledge and experience in environmental laws to the benefit of clients. We currently represent various entities “on the other side of the fence”, through ongoing legal consultancy on all environment related issues.

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