Our branch in Austria provides ongoing local consultancy in English and German to companies and businesses. We advise them on establishing companies, purchase, sale and lease of local real estate, drafting contracts in German, work visas, realizing inheritances and estates, local litigation proceedings in various courts, obtaining local citizenship, and conducting civil marriages. 
Establishing Companies & Commercial Contracts
Our firm provide ongoing legal consultancy services in Austria on a wide range of legal and commercial issues, representation in proceedings before various government authorities and all instances of local courts in compliance with both local and international law. Among our areas of activity, we advise on commercial transactions and contracts, due diligence, company formation processes, representation before the Companies Registrar and other administrative bodies, taxation planning and representation before tax authorities, provide legal opinions on a broad range of aspects, labor law issues, insurance and more.
Our Austria branch also maintains extensive connections in European countries, and holds vast experience in representing Israeli clients as part of business disputes before all judicial instances, including in arbitration and mediation proceedings in German. Our familiarity with the local legal environment and legislation enables us to offer professional in-depth consulting to Israeli clients involved in complex commercial disputes or real estate disputes.
Drafting Contracts and Legal Documents in German
We provide drafting and proofreading services of contracts and legal documents in the German language, including German translation and notarization. We assist our clients in drafting complex contracts such as founders' agreements, joint venture agreements, distribution and franchising agreements, merger and acquisition agreements, research and development, intellectual property acquisition and more.
Representation and Support in Real Estate Transactions
Our branch in Austria specializes in all aspects related to real estate, including rental, sale and property management transactions, ongoing maintenance of property betterment and upgrade, and development of income-producing real estate (from early planning and designation stages) to complex construction and combination transactions. We also assist in obtaining financing, and handling planning and rezoning procedures before the competent authorities.
Our branch has an extensive network of relationships with accounting firms, architects, engineers, appraisers and local specialists.
Wills, Estates & Inheritances
Our firm assists our Israeli clients with assets in Austria in the execution of wills and inheritances. We represent our clients in inheritance disputes, upholding wills, estate management, and realizing estate assets. We also provide legal opinions on matters of inheritance and wills pertaining to local Austrian law.
Residency and Visas
Our Austria branch assist Israelis and their families interested in living in Austria for the purpose of study, work or establishing a business through all legal and logistic procedures relating to visas. We are familiar with the entry and residency requirements, and the bureaucracy involved in obtaining and translating necessary documents.
Austrian Citizenship & Austrian Passport Application
Our firm represents clients seeking to obtain an Austrian citizenship, from identifying Austrian born relatives to Austrian passport issuance. Our firm assists the interface with the administrative authorities in Austria and Israel towards locating the required documents and provides fast solutions to procedural problems.
Civil Marriage
Our branch in Austria assists Israeli citizens and their spouses, wishing to be married in a civil service, and provides full legal support including civil marriage registration in Austria, translation of relevant documents, and drafting marriage agreements. We also provide assistance to same-sex couples seeking civil marriage in Austria.
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Austria - more than a turist destination

Austria is an increasingly popular destination for foreign investors, and the Israeli ones are no exception. With a stable political and economic environment, as well as a highly skilled workforce, Austria offers many opportunities for those looking to invest. in addition, there is a high degree of legal certainty in Austria, which is highly appreciated by investors.

Buying a flat in Austria: Why is it a good investment?

A beautiful European country, Austria offers many benefits to those considering buying a flat here. With stunning landscapes, a strong economy, and a high standard of living, Austria makes a compelling case for investing in real estate. Here are some of the key reasons why it makes sense to buy a flat in Austria.

Distribution Law in Austria

Due to its geographic location in the center of Europe, Austria is a prime location for distribution of services and goods from non-EU countries such as Israel. In this regard, some formal requirements have to be taken into account.

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